Senior Class College Acceptances

See which US colleges have accepted Bow High graduates in recent years.

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Principal Mr. John House-Myers

Leadership of the school is provided by its Principal of seven years, Mr. House-Myers.

Ms. Colleen DesRuisseaux, Director of Guidance

Ms. DesRuisseaux provides students with support in and out of school time.

Ms. Leslie Bean, School Nurse

Looking after the health of students during school time.

A note to Parents...

"I know that we have a school where your child can achieve academically and socially.  We represent the best of America's public high schools in one of the best parts of the United States.  I encourage you to invest in your family's future and entrust the care and development of your child to the staff and community of Bow.  You can write to me directly by email and discuss any aspect of what it means to be an international student at Bow High School."

Principal John House-Myers

Why Choose Bow High School?

Bow High School offers a high quality education by having skilled and talented teaching staff. The school also boasts an academic curriculum which has proven successful by seeing students achieve top state results and offers modern and spacious buildings in which to study.

The trees and lake which border the school grounds provide a beautiful environment in which to learn, while only being a 5 minute drive away from downtown Concord.  The region of New Hampshire is naturally beautiful, politically active and socially refined with a high standard of living.  The original indian inhabitants, of Algonquian descent saw European immigrants, mainly from England, Ireland and France begin to arrive in the 1600's.

Our country is known for its high standard of living, its history of personal freedom, its leadership in business, academic institutions and the entertainment industry.

We are a safe and caring community. There have certainly been dramatic incidents of violence and natural disasters in the United States.  As a large country there is always opportunity for these things to happen and we are quick to provide extensive news coverage on all that goes on.  Being in New Hampshire we have been protected from such occurances and have enjoyed a safe and high quality of living. The state of New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States.

Arrange a Skype tour of the school by talking with one of our students as they walking you through classrooms and student areas.

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The "American Dream"

What is the "American Dream"?  It's an idea in which the "Dream" is, regardless of where you come from, by being free and working hard you can be rich and successful.  The "American" part is that the country's beginings and government are based on having personal freedom, being given the opportunity to choose and to be directly rewarded for your efforts - all without being discriminated.  America is the place where the "Dream" can happen.

Now that does not mean that America has got it all right or that it is a perfect place. But people all around the world are looking for a better life.  Some countries don't allow their citizens full choice or have strict social or religious rules for behaviour that depend on the family that you are born into.  The United States has simply been against those sort of restrictions - that's one of the reasons why, a liitle over 200 years ago, they rebelled against England and it's King.  Today Americans continue to encourage freedom to allow its citizens to seek prosperity through hard work.  That is why so many people from overseas want to live and learn there.

Perhaps you are one of those people.  Bow High School is a great example of life in America with all its hopes and dreams carried within the students and staff that go there.  You could join them.  You could have a better life.

Find out more at Wikipedia ("American Dream")

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